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Action Zone

Action Zone brings you an overview of the explosive new movies and let your favorite stars tell why you should want to see them. There's always a star profile of a hot Hollywood babe or a top action hero! We look at the latest games from all the platforms with the tips and tricks to become the best player around.

Angry Planet

Most people travel the world to find serenity angry Planet does the opposite. Join storm chaser George Kourounis as he ventures off to capture the planets extreme destinations. From live volcanoes, tornados and hurricanes to the beauty of the glaciers and geysers “Angry Planet” visits the world’s most dramatic natural phenomena, and brings them to you all on MAVTV.

Championship Wrestling

Championship Wrestling from Hollywood (CWFH) is a weekly hour-long televised pro wrestling program featuring the best in-ring competition with solid storytelling and a unique cast of amazing performers. Other promoters shy away from being called pro wrestling, but CWFH is proud to call itself pro wrestling (or rasslin').

Combat Forces

Combat Forces is documentary series profiling what young soldiers, sailors and airmen go through to be among the best of the best. From intense combat maneuvers to highly competitive physical fitness challenges, each episode follows the military as it prepares for possible deployment to hotspots throughout the world.

Dangerous Waters

Follow the five Dangerous Waters crew members as they embark upon an epic adventure riding their Jet Ski personal watercraft from Seattle up through Alaska and across the Bering Strait to Russia. See Alaska in all its majesty as these adventurers encounter grizzlies, wildlife, locals, fuel issues, mechanical problems, foul weather and rough seas.

Hell and Highwater

This new series follows the Wilderness Adventures White Water Guide School down seven wild rivers as thirteen students face ever-increasing challenges and their own fears on their journey to become professional river guides.

Into the Drink

Into the Drink is a travel show like no other, taking viewers beyond the tourist map, and into the unknown. It's an intoxicating celebration of exotic destinations near and far, featuring electric diving, eclectic nightlife, vibrant spirits and colorful people.

The Motorhead Traveler

“Motorhead Traveler” is an entirely new TV concept, combining the best in motorsports with fantastic world travel. Host Kevin Cullen, internationally known as “The Motorsports Man,” takes viewers on a global tour of exotic vacation spots for motorsports lovers – from the scenic sledding in Kiruna, Sweden to rugged off-road racing in Uganda.

National Bird Dog Circuit

The National Bird Dog Circuit offers the finest competition bird dog hunting experience throughout the United States. Competitors of all ages and skill levels test their abilities, showcase their exceptional dogs and receive recognition for their accomplishments.


Only a select few athletes have what it takes to be extreme. Find out who they are in Nomads and live life on the edge with extreme sports athletes at the top of their games. These adrenaline junkies comb the earth for the most perfect spot, the best competition, and a place to make their mark. When they find it, they don’t leave without giving it their all.

Wild Racers

Adventure Racing World Series from Burnie, Tasmania. Meet the teams, explore the host city, and see the epic course. Watch as the teams receive course information 24 hours in advance, must prepare supplies for their journey, and then are on their own.

Wingshooting USA

Wingshooting USA focuses on the FUN of this great sport and (finally!) honors the dogs that make it all possible. Scott has created a TV show that authentically portrays the upland hunt, from exciting dog work to hunting action. If you liked Scott’s “What the Dogs Taught Me,” or “Cast & Blast,” you’ll love Wingshooting USA.

Xtreme Bulls

The PRCA Xtreme Bulls Tour showcases the PRCA’s top bull riders and some of the rankest bulls the world has to offer; Xtreme Bulls bull riders include the top bull riders from the PRCA World Standings as well as contestants who advance through Xtreme Bulls qualifying events.