Series Favorites Return to MAVTV in February

Jan 16, 2018


Corona, CA (Jan. 16, 2018) – MAVTV highlights the first week in February with the return of viewer favorite shows/series including "My Classic Car," hosted by Dennis Gage; "Stacey David's GearZ"; "Performance TV"; and MRN's Winged Nation."

My Classic Car

My Classic Car - Premieres on Friday, Feb. 2, at 3:00pm ET. This series continues to capture America's love affair with the automobile and Dennis Gage, the handlebar mustachioed host, takes you along for the ride!

Stacey David's GearZ

Stacey David's GearZ - Premieres on Friday, Feb. 2 at 5:30pm ET. "If it will run, I want to drive it." Stacey David is an automotive builder with a reputation for unique design techniques to achieve his goals, and each week he lays it all out for the viewer.

Performance TV

Performance TV - Premieres on Friday, Feb. 2 at 4:00pm ET. Performance TV is all about innovations in the automotive industry. Each week, the PTV Crew shows viewers new products and methods to enhance the quality of their vehicles.

MRN's Winged Nation

MRN's Winged Nation - Premieres on Sat. Feb. 3 at 8:30am ET & 11:30am ET. Hosts Steve Post and Erin Evernham bring you all the news, results, interviews, and the biggest stories from the world of winged sprint cars.