Green Force challenges a team of garden gurus to tackle the urban landscape with one goal in mind - to revitalize green spaces. We'll bring green back to the hospices, the shelters, the daycares, the rundown parks, and anywhere else the concrete jungle has taken over. The passionate hosts will meet the people, find out what's wrong, assemble the team and take action. One day we will visit a women's shelter that is in desperate need of the healing that nature can bring. Next time it will be a massive school that wants to trade its concrete playground for one with real grass. Green Force combines the naturalization of urbanized areas with the compassion of giving back to the community. We will build playgrounds, outdoor kitchens, greenhouses, and gazebos. We will plant trees, vegetable gardens, flowers, and shrubs. Let's smash some concrete and bring back the green while bringing a community together. The altruistic nature of this show brings reality television to the next level. We will create beautiful landscapes and bring communities together. But most importantly we will be touching peoples' lives with real life stories, struggles and victories.