Ever wonder what it takes to get on over 1500lbs of an animal that only wants to throw you off its back and hurt you?

Ever wonder why someone would participate in a sport when they know it's not if they will get hurt — it's when and how bad will it be?

Bull riding is a sport that very few people know or understand. Are the cowboys who do this really athletes or just crazy adrenaline junkies with no regard for their own personal safety?

In no other sport can so much happen in 8 seconds or less.

Hell on Hooves follows a group of Cowboys on the Tour. Each episode features a new location throughout the season. We find out if these cowboys can actually make any money riding Bulls, what people think of them for what they do, how badly they have been hurt in the past, how do they train to ride bulls, and how many miles do they drive during the season.

We really get to know the personality of the Cowboys we follow. Just like in every sport, there are the quite ones and the loud ones. These young men are all different. Some of them are on top, others are on their way up the ladder to success, and some are trying to get back to the top after injury. A few are at near the end of their career but still feel they have what it takes to be the Champ.

We also hear from the Stock contractors, some of whom are past Bull riders, while others are just plain Ranchers. We find out how Science plays a big role in breeding, how the Bulls themselves are treated just like athletes and what you have to do to train a Bull to buck.

Without a doubt you will be surprised by what you hear and see. Any preconceived notions about these Cowboys and Bulls will soon be gone.