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Welcome to High Tech Rednecks - a documentary series that follows the massive builds and high-octane antics of the Critter Gitters Hunting Equipment Company, as owner Bob Woodcock and his merry band of redneck mechanics construct and modify some of the most badass vehicles on the planet, complete with lift kits, machine gun mounts, hot tubs and stripper poles; if you can dream it, Bob can build it!

High Tech Rednecks Bios

Bob Woodcock


Bob Woodcock is the owner of the Critter Gitter hunting equipment company – a shop that specializes in building over the top hunting vehicles for larger than life clients. Bob is a man who tells it like it is, and has just one goal in his business; to keep the customers happy. Whether it’s designing a state of the art hunting rig, cussing out his workers, helping his daughters out on the farm, or hanging with his buddies out on the racetrack, Bob is a no-nonsense Texan who keeps Critter Gitters going strong.

Bob Woodcock


Brenda has been married to Bob for twenty years, and keeping him out of trouble for just as long. The real boss of the shop, Brenda is just about the only one Bob has to answer to – it’s her way or the highway…and everyone knows it.

Bob Woodcock


Tall and skinny, Bonez got his nickname for being just that…skin and bones. Well, that, and because Bob couldn’t remember Bonez’s real name (which just happens to be Andrew). Bonez is a young guy who is still learning his way around the shop, and has become somewhat of a whipping boy for the rest of the crew. Despite his many screw ups on the job, Bob sees potential in Bonez, and continues to keep him around…but any day could be his last at the shop.

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