The Motocross Files (MXF) is the critically acclaimed television series from Pipeline Digital Media (PDM) that chronicles the lives and careers of the greatest motocross riders that ever swung a leg over a bike. Names like “Bad Brad” Lackey, Roger “The Man” DeCoster, Ricky “Bad Boy” Johnson and Bob “Hurricane” Hannah. Each 30-minute episode follows these heroes from their earliest days and interest in racing, through their pro careers of triumph and tragedy, heroic wins and heartbreaking losses, all leading up to their retirement and what they are doing today. Beside the subjects and their families, interviews include mechanics, competitors and other industry insiders who know the real stories many of which, have never been told before. All of these are woven with archival footage, photographs, personal scrapbooks that add the authentic “historical fabric” to each story.

Developed and originally aired in the fall of 2005, MXF broke new ground with sports documentary story telling with high production values utilizing theatrical music score and pioneering the use in sports productions of “3D animated photographs” seen in so many shows and commercials. Over (21) episodes have been produced for the series to date and Producer/Director, Todd Huffman feels there are even more great motocross stories out there to tell.

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