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Titan American Built New Season

Titan American Built New Season

Titan American Built Season 2 Intro

Titan American Built Season 2 Intro

Titan MAVTV Promo

Titan MAVTV Promo

Revamped Show Intro for TITAN- American Built

Revamped Show Intro for TITAN- American Built

Made in USA vs Made in China- Get the Facts

Made in USA vs Made in China- Get the Facts

TITANS of CNC - This season is dedicated to all the builders who work with their hands every day. The stage is set behind the walls of San Quentin Prison to bring hope—to not only the inmates, but those in their garages, schools, and shops across the nation. Over the past two seasons of TITAN American Built, Titan toured through the country visiting high level machine shops, colleges and industrial schools. Throughout this journey he began asking himself, “Who is teaching the teachers and what resource do they look to?" A theme developed that revealed that each shop and education program varied in its standards and curriculum. There is a lack of cohesion and consistency.

This has inspired a change. Therefore, Season three will start with an even bigger focus on education. While developing this San Quentin Prison educational platform, TITANS of CNC, Titan realized that this platform could further develop into a curriculum catered toward every CNC machinist. Titan will teach CNC on camera and throughout the show, direct viewers to the online video platform full of training from A to Z. The online video platform, which is the first of its kind, is the biggest CNC training platform available and is available to everyone for FREE. All while, continuing to share the inspiring stories that you have come to know and love.

Whether you are a student, engineer, machinist, or a maker, TITANS of CNC will teach you everything you need to know to take your processes and skills to the highest possible level. You will walk away inspired and motivated to pursue excellence and success in your trade.  After all, we can all be - TITANS of CNC.


Titan Gilroy


TITAN Gilroy is the owner of TITANS of CNC, an elite aerospace CNC Machine shop in Northern California. He is also the Executive Producer and Star of the television series, TITANS of CNC (formerly TITAN American Built). This series is a platform to engage a new generation of machinists, inventors and builders. TITAN also pioneered the largest FREE CNC educational platform, TITANS of CNC: Academy, dedicated to training and inspiring students, educators and shop owners from around the world. The platform is an invaluable resource to bring about true change in the manufacturing industry.

TITAN’s upbringing was not a recipe for success, during his childhood, he grew up in a broken home filled with violence, alcoholism and rage. He soon found his identity in fighting and built a reputation on his aggressive and destructive nature. Multiple accounts of assault landed TITAN in a sixteen-year prison sentence. The fighting continued and he soon found himself in solitary confinement for six months. With the help of Top Rank Boxing, TITAN was released early and began fighting for his second chance, ultimately being recognized as one of the greatest up and coming fighters in the sport. Unable to escape his demons, TITAN was pulled back into the street violence of his past. Not wanting to land back into prison, he walked away from professional boxing and found himself in a CNC machine shop where his life would change forever. Starting as a saw operator, TITAN sought out every opportunity to advance and learn this new trade. He quickly became the top performer in the shop and moved his way up to CNC operator, CNC programmer and then shop supervisor.

The success as a machinist lead him to pursue owning his own CNC shop where he would pour all his energy and focus into becoming a true CNC Expert. During the devastating recession of 2008, TITAN witnessed first-hand the destruction of the manufacturing industry and he could not stand quiet. He dedicated himself to unveiling the industry and its importance to all who would listen. This ultimately lead him to develop the Television Series, TITAN American Built, which launched on MAVTV in 2014. Through the first two season, TITAN and team highlighted great American companies that were fighting to keep work right here in America and telling their inspiring stories.

For TITAN, the first two seasons revealed something very important. The manufacturing industry has no leader. There was a lack of resources for our students, schools, employees, and businesses. This lead TITAN to once again take a stand and do something about it. Thus, season three will start with an even bigger focus on education. Using San Quentin Prison as a platform, Titan has built an advanced CNC machining school. He also designed his own custom curriculum to not only be used in the prison but also to be used by all teachers, students, hobbyists & machinist for FREE. Titan put the curriculum online and called it academy.titansofcnc.com This online video platform, which is the first of its kind, is the biggest Cad, Cam & CNC training platform ever developed.

As a young child, TITAN witnessed brokenness and destruction. He relived these realities in the wake of the recession. From here, he continues to prove that through determination, education and motivation we can compete and make a name for ourselves once again. The advancement of education, technology, and innovation in the manufacturing industry is a top priority for TITAN, and no one can stand in his way to seeing it succeed.

Prison once represented the darkest time of Titan’s life, today the darkness has turned to light, as it has become a source of HOPE for all who have followed this inspiration journey.

For more information on all of TITAN'S platforms and to schedule speaking engagements and workshops, visit: titansofcnc.com.

Johnny Ferreira

JOHNNY FERREIRA – Machine Operator

After a series of poor decisions leading to Johnny and Titan parting ways, Johnny was left homeless, living out of a family member’s garage, struggling to care for his two kids. During this season of struggles, Johnny realized the opportunities he had thrown away with Titan. As fate would have it, their paths crossed once again. After reaching rock bottom, Johnny had the humility to accept Titan’s offer to return to the team. Around the shop Johnny is known as the guy who can fix anything. His methods aren’t always orthodox, but he gets the job done, “I’m just happy to be back and help the team. If that means working on a project no one else wants to do – then so be it.” On his days off, Johnny spends time at his secret spots along the river fishing and gold mining with his two kids, Emma and Johnny.

Shaun Donahue

SHAUN DONAHUE – Quality Assurance Supervisor

In 2008 Shaun worked for Titan as his Jujitsu trainer at Titan’s Dungeon, a gym Titan owned years ago. After selling the gym, even though Shaun was a 2nd degree black belt, he found himself about to be jobless. Titan, knowing his integrity and discipline, offered to teach Shaun how to be a machinist. Shaun, starting from not knowing anything about manufacturing, now takes what he does very seriously, down to the .0001 of an inch. He began in the shop as an operator on the night shift, working till 2am five days a week. Precision is not something easily accomplished around the midnight hour, but Shaun impressed Titan by taking pride in everything that passed through his hands, treating it like a work of titanium art. With a true eye for detail, thoroughness, and sharp looking beard, Shaun climbed the ranks and now has a tremendous amount of responsibility resting on his shoulders. Every part that leaves the shop is personally signed off by Shaun, but you’d never know he's under this level of pressure with his steady head. Shaun has the eye of a craftsman with the brain of a mathematician, tackling the shop’s challenges with a strong sense of commitment. When he’s not focusing here at the shop, he’s out honing his skills as a martial artist, a classical guitar player, or rock climbing.

Kim McKenzie

KIM MCKENZIE – Office Manager

As the guys are heating up their first cup of coffee in the morning, Kim has already logged miles on the bike and gone for a run, and maybe even a swim too. She’s Titan America’s Ironman Triathlete and she brings that mental toughness and intensity to the shop with her. It’s easy to say Kim's not afraid to keep the guys in line, and that’s a good thing, because there has to be at least one person on the team who can tell Titan “No.” Because of her fierce loyalty and commitment to Titan America, Titan trusts Kim without reservation, heavily leaning on her to navigate the day-to-day operations and business development. This has made Kim invaluable to the team as she keeps her hand very close to the heartbeat of the shop. Kim has been happily married for 20 years and enjoys animals, especially her two dogs, Jazmin and Yukon, and her two horses.

Zack Pringle

ZACK PRINGLE – Chief Operations Officer

In college Zack studied Political Science and Business, pursuing a career that would have very little to do with CNC Machines. He started out as Titan’s apprentice, and in just two years, he’s earned the right to be his right hand man as the Chief Operating Officer of Titan America. Zack brings more to the table than someone with decades of manufacturing experience, and this isn’t just an empty statement, it is a reality for the company that Titan has witnessed multiple times. Titan saw Zack’s drive and knew he could be molded and shaped into a leader of the company. In many ways, Titan has led Zack through a concentrated crash course in leadership, business, and engineering a grand vision. Zack’s foresight, along with his sponge-like thirst for learning, has shaped him to confidently deal with all of the shop's vendors and customers. Zack is also a frequent Crossfit competitor and is enjoying the first year of marriage with his wife, Brittany. Raising their new puppy, Zara, keeps them busy when he's not diligently leading the Titan America team.

Travis Jarrett

TRAVIS JARRETT – Machine Operator

Travis had a career in machining prior to joining Titan America. He was working for another shop and heard of Titan’s impressive manufacturing reputation. Travis has always craved a good challenge and sought out a chance to come aboard. His hunger for getting better didn’t stop when he joined the team. He simply doesn’t settle for the normal expectations and outcomes, which was put into overdrive under Titan’s leadership. It’s not uncommon for Travis to arrive at the shop in the morning and suggest new techniques or innovative machining procedures after some long hours of research the night before. The guy is flat out hungry to improve, excel, and expand his skills. Want to know how something works in the shop? Settle in and get ready to hear every single step, with passion and excitement, from Travis. When he’s not studying machining at home on the weekends, you can find him camping with his wife Lindsey and their daughter Ariana.

Tyson Gilroy

TYSON GILROY – Lathe Supervisor

"I really love working for my dad's company…but it wasn’t always that way," Tyson admits with a grin. As an introverted eighteen year old boy being brought into the manufacturing industry, trying to manage the pressure of deadlines, supply costs, and spindle speeds, he would’ve much rather been at home playing video games. Tyson, Titan's oldest son, has been with the Titan America for seven years now, starting off as a machine operator. Perhaps it was in the genes, because he had a knack for it early on. Over time Tyson became the lead for the lathe department and today he writes programs to create parts that only a handful of people in the world can create. Looking back you can see that it wasn’t just that Tyson was making parts in the shop, but rather, the shop was making a man out of him. He has come out of his shell, but that doesn’t mean he has given up the video games. You’ll find him enjoying some 80’s arcade classic games on the weekends.

Brandon Clark

BRANDON CLARK – Machine Operator

After pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering, four years in the Navy, and a hope for success, Brandon fell on hard times. When he met Titan, he was traveling with his wife and two kids in an RV, with nothing more than a few bucks in his pocket for gas. Titan saw potential, Brandon saw an opportunity. Since joining Titan America a year ago, advancing quickly with his strong work ethic and discipline, Brandon has never looked back. He’s a guy with no fear, no hesitation, and no plan to revisit those times of struggle. Titan’s job offer was more than just a chance to earn a living, it was Brandon’s second chance at life. “It’s incredible to me that the parts I hold in my hands are going into some amazing projects all around the world. From where I was just two years ago, to where I am now, I didn’t think rebuilding my life was going to be possible.” If you walk through the shop on a Monday, you might catch Brandon reporting his son’s Little League scores where he is now a very proud baseball coach on the weekends.

Dana Kling

DANA KLING – Mill Supervisor

Titan and Dana's history stretches back for more than fifteen years. Those fifteen years have been filled with butting heads in the shop, Titan saying “You’re fired!” on multiple occasions, and even the SWAT team arriving in the company parking lot to seek out Dana after a weekend filled with dangerous mistakes. As young and talented machinists and friends early on, Dana and Titan seemed to bring out both the best and worst in each other. They were either provoking each other to do foolish things outside of work, or competing and pushing their machines to the limit in the shop. Some time later, after they had parted ways and Titan branched out on his own to start a company, Dana called seeking a job opportunity. Still with plenty of negative influences outside of the shop, Dana struggled for the first six of his eight years with the Titan America. His distractions from outside the shop put his job in jeopardy on many occasions. Over time Titan moved from being an accomplice in Dana’s destructive lifestyle, towards being a mentor showing a better way forward. Eventually things began to take a dramatically positive turn for Dana. Now as Dana is realizing his full potential, he’s the team’s lead programmer, oversees the mill department, and has earned complete trust from Titan. You will still find Dana pushing the limits of everybody and everything in the mill department, but now it is to move the company ahead. Outside the shop Dana relaxes by taking out the dirtbikes or wakeboards with his four beautiful children and wife, Nicole.


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